Cloudlifter Zi Active Vari-Z Loading Instrument DI and Mic Activator

Cloudlifter Zi Elevates Your Sound with the Power of Z. Now you can sculpt your guitar or bass tone at the most basic level with the Zi's patented vari-z loading interface, bringing out a whole new spectrum of character and tone! Nominated for a NAMM TEC Award, the Cloudlifter Zi brings award winning technology to instrumentalists and microphone users in the same box! The Zi is available right now at your favorite Cloud dealer, is fabricated and built completely in the USA, carries a lifetime limited warranty, and delivers massive tone, depth and feeling with your favorite instrument.

Cloudlifter Zi Nominated for NAMM TEC Award!

Cloud Microphones new Cloudlifter Zi Instrument DI and Mic Activator with Vari-Z is nominated for the NAMM TEC Award! The new Cloudlifter has a variable impedance "Z" interface allowing for the ultimate in tonal control in an active DI for your instruments, while retaining the capabilities of the original Cloudlifter and Cloudlifter Z for use with your favorite dynamic and ribbon microphones. Time to break out the bass, guitar, keyboards, or low output piezo pickups, dial in the Z and experience tonal shaping like never before, right at source through creative impedance loading! Then try it with your favorite mics. The fist of its kind, the Cloudlifter Z is up for the NAMM TEC Award in the c