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The composition of Coca-Cola

Today, the composition of Coca-Cola - same day essay writer - has been studied many times. The packaging label already shows that it contains water, sugar, carbonic acid, colouring agent E 150d, phosphoric acid, flavourings and caffeine. Besides water, sugar (mainly cane sugar or sucrose) is the main ingredient of cola. One litre of the sweet drink contains about 100 grams of sugar, which is 30 sugar cubes!

The phosphoric acid serves as an acidifier and increases the shelf life of the drink, among other things, because bacteria and fungi are not viable at a pH value of 3. The acidity of cola corresponds to that of vinegar and is about 100 times higher than the acidity of beer or sour milk.

The abbreviation E 150d stands for ammonium sulphite sugar caramel. This is a brown dye produced by the reaction of ammonium sulphite with sugar compounds.

Due to the high content of phosphoric acid in amounts of 500 to 600 mg/l (about 5 × 10-3mol/l), cola should actually taste sour like vinegar - do your homework . Of course, this is suppressed by the high sugar content in the drink. Therefore, drinking cola in larger quantities is not necessarily recommended from a nutritional point of view because of the high energy content.

The aromatic substances are again a mixture. According to the manufacturer, it contains orange oil, lime oil, nutmeg oil, cassia oil (Chinese cinnamon oil), coriander oil, neroli oil and limella oil.

It is important for the taste of the drink that the drinking water used has no flavour of its own. Therefore, it is treated accordingly in the company's own production facilities.

Today, food chemists are able to determine the basic composition of the mixture, but the order of mixing and the conditions of production also influence the taste. So although it is possible to determine the ingredients, no one is said to have yet found the exact composition and "manufacturing formula" - chemistry solver . Regularly appearing alleged "original recipes" are always denied by the Coca-Cola Company.

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