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Klein Tools 93LCLS Laser Level Review

The Klein Tools 93LCLS laser level device is a cross-line leveler tool with great precision and maneuverability. It comes with several features that make it highly reliable. It is built with a plumb spot, plus a magnetic mounting clamp to ensure great stability.

For over 160 years, Klein has remained one of the most trusted brands for power tools. The Klein tool 93LCLS is one of the professional-grade and premium tools designed by the manufacturing giant to deliver high-performance and precision-results needed to get all jobs done perfectly.

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As one of the best high-performance lasers leveling and alignment tools for professional users, Klein 93LCLS laser level offers a reliable, clear, and bright laser lines plus 90 vertical plumb-spot design. With the in-built magnetic mount, ceiling clip mount, plus a cross-line, this tool is capable of providing numerous alignments alongside different applications of layouts.

This power tool is very sturdy and durable, it can withstand up to 3.3 feet accidental drop however, it must be well-protected or handled during usage. The compartment for the battery can be easily accessed and it offers a low battery indicator to ensure that you don’t run out of power suddenly while the tool is being used.

Main features

  • It is self-leveling.

  • Horizontal And vertical leveling lines.

  • IP54 water and dust resistance

  • It comes with a hard-plastic transportation case.

  • 360-degree magnetic mounting bracket

  • Mounting threads on bracket measure between ¼” and 5/8”.

  • Mounting clamp attachment.

  • It measures 5.28 x 2.57 x 5” in height, width and length respectively.

  • Item weighs 1.57 lbs.

  • Requires up to 3AAA batteries.

  • Batteries included in the package.

  • Made of plastic design material.

  • It comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

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  • The easy-to-read horizontal and vertical laser lines guaranty proper alignments.

  • It comes with a plumb spot that helps the laser device to pinpoint all overhead locations.

  • The IP54 water-resistant feature ensures adequate protection of the tool, even in heavy rains.

  • The hard plastic carrying case offers a convenient option of transporting the power tool everywhere you go.

  • The 360-degree mounting bracket alongside tripod mounting threads, ensure the different angle of mounting and leveling.

  • There are extra mounting clamps attached for efficient use in ceiling grid purposes.


  • It can’t be applied to project diagonal lines on the wall.


Klein 93LCLS Laser level has lots of features and precision-targeted capabilities that make it highly desirable. Though it comes at a premium price when compared to most of its competitors, it still offers a great price bargain that will save you costs in the long run.

Considered as the best laser level for construction◄◄◄ 【HOT】under $200, it is also worth mentioning that this power tool requires very low maintenance, and you wouldn’t spend much to replace its damaged parts. It is built to last for decades especially if it is well taken care of. The 1-year manufacturer warranty on this product covers the parts and every other thing, and you can return a defected tool and collect your money back within this warranty period.


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