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Step into the realm of sonic excellence with Cloud Microphones, a choice revered by a constellation of renowned artists and industry leaders. From music maestros to seasoned podcasters and meticulous sound engineers, Cloud Microphones and their innovative CloudLifters have earned the trust and admiration of professionals across the spectrum. Elevate your audio experience and join the esteemed Cloud Squadron—a community where precision meets passion.


Legendary Artists

Discover the unparalleled sound experience embraced by music legends with Cloud Microphones' "Artist Cloud Squad." Our elite group of iconic artists elevates their live performances and studio recordings with the cutting-edge quality of Cloud Microphone products. Join the ranks of musical excellence as these legends amplify their voices through the precision and innovation that Cloud Microphones bring to every stage and studio session. Elevate your sound, and join the Cloud Squad revolution today.

Industry Professionals

Industry Professionals

Unleash the power of legendary sound professionals with Cloud Microphones' "Industry Cloud Squad." This exclusive group comprises industry trailblazers, from sound engineers to iconic producers, who trust and champion Cloud Microphone products in live performances and recording sessions. Elevate your audio game with the same cutting-edge technology and precision favored by the best in the business. Join the Cloud Squad and step into a world where excellence in sound meets innovation, setting the stage for your sonic masterpiece.


News Outlets / Podcasts

"Elevate your news coverage and podcasts to new heights with Cloud Microphones' 'Cloud Squad'—an exclusive alliance of premier media outlets and podcasts. Join the ranks of industry leaders who trust and amplify their live shows and recordings with Cloud Microphone products. Experience unparalleled audio quality that resonates with your audience and sets you apart in the digital soundscape. Join the Cloud Squad today, where cutting-edge technology meets journalistic excellence, and ensure your voice is heard with clarity and precision."

Professional Studios

Professional Studios

Introducing Cloud Microphones' "Studio Cloud Squad"—where legendary industry professionals and studios unite for unparalleled sound excellence. From acclaimed producers to top-tier recording studios, our Cloud Squad members rely on Cloud Microphone products to craft sonic masterpieces. Elevate your recordings with the same precision and innovation trusted by the pros, ensuring your music gets the best possible chance at achieving extraordinary sound quality. Join the Cloud Squad and transform your recording experience into a symphony of brilliance.