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Guide to Cloudlifting

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Cloudlifter?

A Cloudlifter is a plug and play, inline device that converts +48V phantom power from your preamp, mixer, or interface into as much as +25dB of clean, clear gain. Our patented JEFT circuitry directly couples with your preamp and has no transformers, capacitors, or transistors in the audio path and has no power supply. The result is a boost to your low output dynamic or ribbon microphone's signal without adding any noise or coloration.

How do you connect a Cloudlifter?

1. Connect the output of the Cloudlifter to a preamplifier, mixing console, or audio interface that supplies +48V phantom power.

2. Connect the Cloudlifter's input to any dynamic, ribbon, or tube microphone.

3. Start with the gain all the way down, then turn on +48V phantom power. Slowly turn up the gain to the desired level?

Is the Cloudlifter safe to use with ribbon microphones?

Yes. Phantom power does not pass through the Cloudlifter to the mic, making it safe to use with delicate ribbon microphones.

Can I use a Cloudlifter with powered mics such as condensers?

Condenser microphones typically have a higher output and may not require a Cloudlifter, however they can be used if a dedicated external power supply or battery is powering the mic since the Clloudlifter will use the phantom power to produce the extra gain.

What is the difference in the various Cloudlifter models?

The CL-1 is a single channel plug and play device. The CL-2 is a two-channel version and the CL-4 houses 4 channels in a 19" rack mount case.

The CL-Z adds the innovative Vari-Z knob to shape the sound of your microphone using variable impedance and a high-pass filter. It also adds selectable gain settings. The CL-Zi also includes Vari-Z and adds a Neutrik Combo input and high-quality Cinemag transformer, turning it into an active DI for bass, guitar, keyboards and other instruments.


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