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The Cloud 44-A is an active ribbon microphone that captures vocals and instruments with a natural, smooth sound.

Voice or Music
The Cloud 44-A is the first and only active ribbon microphone with switchable Voice/Music response curves.
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Voice Mode

 A ribbon mic tailor-made for vocals. The 44-A's Voice Mode instantly reduces the bass proximity effect associated with being close to the microphone.
Music Mode

Full bass response at close proximity for a variety of instruments that require that special ribbon mic sound.
Premium Components
Cloud ribbon mics are hand-built in Tucson, Arizona using components meticulously selected and sourced right here in the USA.
Active Ultra-Clean Gain

Built-in Cloudlifter circuitry provides plenty of
ultra-clean gain
 for punch and clarity.
CL-1 rivets_edited.jpg
Made in the USA
Cloud Microphones are 100% Made in the USA. 
Two year ribbon warranty and free limited

lifetime warranty on all other parts.

Figure 8 polar pattern, excellent side null rejection

Frequency Response: 20 Hz to above 20 kHz

Maximum SPL: 138 + dB SPL above 1 kHz

Output Sensitivity: -28 dBv/Pa

Output Impedance (in Ohms): 150 ohms

Phantom Powered “Cloudlifter” Class A, Discrete Circuity

Ribbon dimensions: .19" wide, 2.35" long, 1.8 microns thick

New mount offers 180 degree range of motion

Internally shock mounted

2 year ribbon warranty

Free limited lifetime warranty on all other parts

Handmade entirely in the USA​

Dimensions: 7.75” x 3” x 1.75”

Weight: 1.07lbs

Recommended Load (in Ohms): 1kohm or greater

Supply Current: 4mA

Filter Frequency: 80Hz

Accessories: cover

Patents:  9,167,327;  9,210,508;  9,813,791;  

9,888,315;  10,356,507;  10,721,552;  D605,637

*RCA is a registered trademark of Radio Corporation of America. References to RCA are historical in nature and imply no affiliation with Cloud Microphones.

From music legends and today's cutting edge artists to radio stations and Universities, the Cloud 44-A delivers that special

ribbon mic sound for voice and music.


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