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The Cloud 44-A is an active ribbon microphone that captures vocals and instruments with a natural, smooth sound.

Voice or Music
The Cloud 44-A is the first and only active ribbon microphone with switchable Voice/Music response curves.
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Voice Mode

 A ribbon mic tailor-made for vocals. The 44-A's Voice Mode instantly reduces the bass proximity effect associated with being close to the microphone.
Music Mode

Full bass response at close proximity for a variety of instruments that require that special ribbon mic sound.
Premium Components
Cloud ribbon mics are hand-built in Tucson, Arizona using components meticulously selected and sourced right here in the USA.
Active Ultra-Clean Gain

Built-in Cloudlifter circuitry provides plenty of
ultra-clean gain
 for punch and clarity.
CL-1 rivets_edited.jpg
Made in the USA
Cloud Microphones are 100% Made in the USA. 
Two year ribbon warranty and free limited

lifetime warranty on all other parts.

Figure 8 polar pattern, excellent side null rejection

Frequency Response: 20 Hz to above 20 kHz

Maximum SPL: 138 + dB SPL above 1 kHz

Output Sensitivity: -28 dBv/Pa

Output Impedance (in Ohms): 150 ohms

Phantom Powered “Cloudlifter” Class A, Discrete Circuitry

Ribbon dimensions: .19" wide, 2.35" long, 1.8 microns thick

New mount offers 180 degree range of motion

Internally shock mounted

2 year ribbon warranty

Free limited lifetime warranty on all other parts

Handmade entirely in the USA​

Dimensions: 7.75” x 3” x 1.75”

Weight: 1.07lbs

Recommended Load (in Ohms): 1kohm or greater

Supply Current: 4mA

Filter Frequency: 80Hz

Accessories: cover

Patents:  9,167,327;  9,210,508;  9,813,791;  

9,888,315;  10,356,507;  10,721,552;  D605,637

*RCA is a registered trademark of Radio Corporation of America. References to RCA are historical in nature and imply no affiliation with Cloud Microphones.

Cloud 44-A Console.jpg

From music legends and today's cutting edge artists to radio stations and Universities, the Cloud 44-A delivers that special

ribbon mic sound for voice and music.


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