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Take control of the sonic character of your mics with

the Power of Z and the Power of X!

The Ultimate Cloudlifter

Active Ultra-Clean or Transformer Loaded Gain
The Cloudlifter ZX-2 provides two channels of up to +25dB of ultra-clean gain or a massive +45dB of transformer-driven gain!
Variable Impedance Control (Vari-Z)
The Vari-Z knob lets you match any mic's ideal input impedance... or creatively mismatch it to add tonal variety.
Turn one mic into the sound of many mics!
D/C and X Modes
The X knob lets you choose between Direct Coupled and Transformer Modes. Use D/C Mode for that tried and true
ultra-clean Cloudlifter gain, or switch to X1 or X2 Mode for
console-style transformer tonal character.
5-Way Output Gain Selection
Dial in your preferred gain from a nicely boosted +25db all the way up to a massive +45db of gain in X-Mode!
Made in the USA
Rugged, road-ready, standard 19" rack mountable. 
Manufactured responsibly in the USA. Free lifetime limited warranty.

Patents:  9,167,327;  9,210,508;  9,306,519;  9,813,791;  
9,888,315;  9,948,257;  10,356,507;  10,721,552

The Cloudlifter ZX2 is the mother of all Cloudlifters.


Recording & broadcast studios, live sound touring rigs, houses of worship, clubs and music venues can have it all.


Cloudlifter ZX2 Front
Cloudlifter ZX2 Front
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