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Raise Your Voice!

Your Podcast is your passion, your personality, your voice. Make sure you and your guests are heard loud and clear with Cloudlifter Mic Activators.

Active Ultra-Clean Gain
Cloudlifters provide up to +25dB of ultra-clean gain to popular podcast mics for that intimate and inviting sound!
Plug & Play
Simply connect your microphone to the input and a mixer, interface or preamp to the output. The Cloudlifter does the rest.

Sound is your first impression.

You have great content, a great story, something to say. However, your sound is a listener's first impression of your podcast. Leave nothing to chance.

Sound great, then be great!

Which microphone can I use with a Cloudlifter?
Cloudlifters work with virtually any dynamic or ribbon microphone on the market.
A few of the more popular dynamic mics used in podcasting are the Shure SM7B, the Electro Voice
RE-20, the Audio Technica ATR2100 and the Shure SM58.
What about USB and condenser microphones?
While USB mics are an inexpensive way to get into podcasting, they don't always provide the best results
as they tend to be noisy. Condenser mics are highly sensitive and can pick up a lot of ambient sound,
which may not be desired if you're recording on location or an untreated acoustic environment.

The Mic Locker Podcast

A podcast featuring Cloud Microphone's own Rodger Cloud discussing all things microphones and pro audio.
Rodger Podcast_2.png
Which Cloudlifter is right for my podcast?
All Cloudlifters provide essential ultra-clean gain, and there are several models for your podcasting needs.
The CL-1 is perfect for the solo podcaster while the CL-2 is great for you and a guest. The CL-4 provides 4 channels and can be rack mounted for bigger discussions and the CL-Z adds the innovative Vari-Z knob
for some extra control over the tone of your mic.
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