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CL-1 Backgound
Cloud Microphones 44 Midnight Package

44 Midnight
Rethink The Ribbon

The Cloud 44 Midnight passive ribbon mic channels the personality of the past with the clarity & robustness for modern recording.

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Check out MGK's New Single "dont let me go"

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Cloud Microphones CL-1 Get Lifted
Cloud Microphones 
About Us 

Cloud Microphones manufactures top-of-the-line microphones, activators, and more! Cloud’s Ribbon Microphones and patented Cloudlifter Mic Activators are used by artists, engineers, podcasters, creators, broadcasters, and venues all over the world. Cloud Mic's Cloudlifters are manufactured in the US and on the Navajo Reservation, supporting small businesses in the southwest.

Cloudlifter CL-1 Mic Activator 
  • Up to +25 dB of clean audio gain 

  • Make any home recording set-up sound more professional 

  • Compatible with dynamic, ribbon, tube, battery, or power supply driven microphones 

  • Uses +48v Phantom Power, but does not pass power to the mic, making it safe for ribbon mics 

  • Original Mic Activator - Made in the USA

Cloud CL-1 Mic Activator
Bring Your Mics to Life 

Cloudlifters increase the sensitivity of your microphone and bring its natural tonal characteristics into focus. The single-channel Cloudlifter CL-1, two-channel Cloudlifter CL-2, and rack-mountable four channel Cloudlifter CL-4 all provide up to +25dB of ultra-clean gain with fixed impedance loading at 3kΩ, optimized for a wide variety of microphones. Each one is designed to improve the sensitivity and performance of lower-output microphones dramatically. Whether you’re using an expensive, professional-grade microphone/preamp combination or common microphones with a basic home setup, Cloudlifters provide way more signal from the microphone itself, allowing the preamp to operate in its optimal gain range by reducing the amount of gain needed. This reduces noise and distortion, bringing more of the microphone’s natural character into focus. For those recording professionally, at home, or performing on stage, Cloudlifters are valuable tools that produce high-quality, professional audio.

Cloud CL-1 Podcast Equipment
Cloud CL-1 Mic Booster
Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter Family
Up to +25 dB of Gain 

Hear more of your dynamic and ribbon microphone's natural character and increase the clarity with +25dB of ultra-clean gain. Cloudlifters provide ultra-clean gain in two distinct stages while optimizing impedance loading. 

The Cloudlifter uses +48v Phantom Power but does not pass power to the mic. For this reason, the Cloudlifter is a great way to keep your ribbon and tube mics safe from exposure to Phantom Power while providing the extra gain they need.

Reduce Unwanted Feedback 

As a result of increased sensitivity and ultra-clean gain, the amount of gain required by the preamp is reduced significantly. This also reduces noise and improves the natural frequency response of the mic by allowing the preamp or interface to operate within its comfort zone!

Perfect for Podcasts, Professional and home Studios, AV, and Live Sound 

Whether you are a pro studio looking for more gain from your ribbon or tube mics or narrating a podcast or video with a dynamic mic, creating quality content with the Cloudlifter is easy.

Passive Output

Whereas the Cloud 44-A is "active" with Cloudlifter circuitry
built-in, the Cloud 44 Midnight is passive for use on louder sources or when close micing is desired.
Cloud Microphones 44 Midnight Ribbon Microphone
Cloudlifter CL-1 Midnight Edition Mic Booster
Includes "Midnight Edition" Cloudlifter

Ships with its own Cloudlifter CL-1 Mic Activator in a matching black finish, providing the option of ultra-clean gain or for use with other ribbon, dynamic, or tube mics.
Vintage Inspired, Modern Made

While the ribbon motor design remains true to the original 1930's RCA 44, everything else has been upgraded using state of the art materials, manufacturing processes and technology.