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Cloudlifter Zi Nominated for NAMM TEC Award!

Cloud Microphones new Cloudlifter Zi Instrument DI and Mic Activator with Vari-Z is nominated for the NAMM TEC Award! The new Cloudlifter has a variable impedance "Z" interface allowing for the ultimate in tonal control in an active DI for your instruments, while retaining the capabilities of the original Cloudlifter and Cloudlifter Z for use with your favorite dynamic and ribbon microphones. Time to break out the bass, guitar, keyboards, or low output piezo pickups, dial in the Z and experience tonal shaping like never before, right at source through creative impedance loading! Then try it with your favorite mics. The fist of its kind, the Cloudlifter Z is up for the NAMM TEC Award in the category of Production Essentials. Elevate your sound.

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