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Cloud Mics Insider, Vol 1.

The New Cloudlifter X. Get More. Get Lifted.

To start off 2023, we unveiled a new addition to the Cloudlifter family! The brand new Cloudlifter X offers a custom-designed Cinemag transformer along with two selectable output levels that give your mic MORE output, MORE options, and MORE vibe! “Our customers love the CL-1 for its ultra-clean, transparent gain,” says CEO Rodger Cloud. “With the addition of a custom transformer, the CL-X will respond to different sources and input levels, returning ultra-clean gain with varying levels of harmonic saturation, and character. We like to say ‘the more signal you give it, the more love it will give back’.”


Cloud Artist Spotlight

LocoMundi features some of the finest musicians from Bisbee, AZ. Fusing flamenco, jazz, arabic, balkan, and cumbia, this sound is a magical musical odyssey connecting far-reaching styles and we had a great time recording them at Cloud Studios with Cloud Ribbon Mics and the new Cloudlifter X!


Rodger Cloud at FAU

Cloud's Educational Outreach

Cloud Microphones was recently invited to give educational demonstrations at the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences in Tempe, AZ and Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, FL. At FAU, CEO Rodger Cloud gave a dynamic lecture about the form, function and history of ribbon mics. The students used Cloudlifter Zs to gain a tangible experience of understanding variable impedance. Students also received hands-on demos of various miking techniques using Cloud Mics.

Cloud Mics at CRAS

Students at both institutions were able to experience how ribbon mics lend themselves to the dynamics of horns by recording saxophone, trumpet, and trombone. They also combined a Cloud 44-A with a Shure SM57 to mic an electric guitar cab to demonstrate how a ribbon mic can complement the sharp bite of the SM57 with detailed full spectrum sound. At CRAS, students and professors in the Foley department were blown away by how the new Cloudlifter X combined with the 44 Midnight produced “in your face Hollywood sound.” Check out the video below!

If you're interested in having Cloud speak at your educational institution, please contact us at


Cloud at Podfest Expo

Over 1500 podcasters ranging from novice to elite influencers gathered in Orlando, FL for the 9th Annual Podfest Expo. The Cloud Microphones team met passionate podcasters and gave them advice on how to elevate their sound with recording setup and product demos. Rodger Cloud also participated in a panel lead by Vinnie Potestivo with Shure Microphones and hosting sites Libsyn and Podbean about how producing quality sound not only reduces listener fatigue, it allows creators the opportunity to provide the most accurate and intimate portrayal of their identity.

Cloud at Podfest Expo


Cloud in the Community

In March, the City of Tucson, where Cloud Mics is headquartered, held a citywide High School Battle of the Bands, which we had the opportunity to co-sponsor. Local musician and Cloud employee Gilbert Flores was on the expert judges panel. Six precocious groups fought energetically for the top prize. Competing bands were given Cloudlifters and winners were awarded the opportunity to cut a demo record and promote the release with a party. Encouraging the next generation of rockers was a fun way to engage with our community, and after seeing these teens enthusiastically battle it out, we can safely report that the kids are alright!

Cloud Supports Tucson Battle of the Bands

Thanks! Until next time...

The Cloud Microphones Team


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