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Cloud’s TikTok Takeover

L.A. based producer/engineer David Reyes, a.k.a “Mexico City,” met Cloud Microphones this past April at The NAMM Show. David manages several influencers from the XO Team as they rocket to pop stardom. After talking with us, David became interested in tracking drums at Cloud Studios for 4 power pop songs he is co-producing with XO Team founder and artist Gary Grey. David also brought recording artists Khai, Aleksandra Zyrianova, instrumentalists/production assistants Juanes Pulido and Pablo Guzman Rocha, and drummer Andrew Ray.

Cloud Studios saw two action-packed days with the creatives playing our vintage gear, using the green screen in our video studio to jump across terrains, and even recording an acoustic version of one song in our live room. We used a mix of Cloud ribbon mics and dynamic mics like the Sennheiser 421, the Shure Beta 58A, and a vintage AKG D12 - all boosted nicely with the new Cloudlifter X’s and going through API preamps or VIPREs and compressors and finally into our Neve console. The result was a unique sound we can’t wait to share when the tracks are released!

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